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Construction of Information Management System for Adverse Reactions of Chemotherapy Drugs

Shuzhi Xue*, Li He, Min Zhang

Department of Oncology, Shaanxi Provincial People's Hospital, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, China.

*Corresponding author: Shuzhi Xue

Published: 24 October 2022 How to cite this paper


In order to promote the monitoring of adverse reactions of chemotherapy drugs and provide a reference for ensuring the rational application of chemotherapy drugs, this paper designs an information management system for adverse reactions of chemotherapy drugs based on the hospital information management system and clinical inspection information system. Monitoring warning, statistical analysis as the main function of chemotherapy drug hematological adverse reaction monitoring software, and the implementation of hematological adverse reaction monitoring function of commonly used lung cancer chemotherapy drugs. Successfully correlated patient medication information with test data, realized the monitoring of hematological adverse reactions and the warning of serious adverse reactions, and played an active role in ensuring patient medication safety, promoting the rational application of chemotherapy drugs, and further evaluating the safety of new chemotherapy drugs.

KEYWORDS: Chemotherapy, Adverse Drug Reactions, Information Management, Early Warning System, Risk Prediction Model


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How to cite this paper

Shuzhi Xue, Li He, Min Zhang. Construction of Information Management System for Adverse Reactions of Chemotherapy Drugs. International Journal of Medicine Frontiers, 2022, 5(1), 15-20.

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